Monday, September 29, 2008


i found out this afternoon that all 5 of the bracelets (below) i submitted to the show Haute Craft:Finding Art in Fine Craft have been accepted.

i was thrilled, to say the least. this is the first juried show i have submitted to, so that hurtle has been jumped over! the show is to be held during prospect 1 here in new orleans in november.

with the economy and everything going the way it is right now, i have already come to terms with the fact that sales may not be great this season, but to have the acceptance of my peers and the prospect of getting my work seen by major art collectors and sellers is extremely fulfilling.

but i would still like to sell some jewelry.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

welcome, patches!

i am happy to introduce you to miss patches. she is the newest member of our family.
we adopted her yesterday. she is already training us up just fine.
she's a little bundle of energy, though, so getting pictures of her is tough.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

new pictures and old friends

i don't have any pictures to post yet, but my back grounds came in on monday and i am looking forward to shooting new work either tomorrow or sunday. it's supposed to rain this weekend, so who knows how it will go, but i am looking forward to shooting the work as soon as i can.

i am trying something different for my vintage and gemstone pieces, partly from a suggestion from sarah, who has been immensely helpful in helping me try to figure out what i am doing wrong on etsy. thanks for all the suggestions, sarah. i am looking forward to implementing many of them.

i have been making some vintage swarovski pieces ( gorgeous, if i do say so myself) and i have some really lovely vintage glass pendants coming in next week that i can't wait to work with. i am also working on some really simple gemstone lariats and necklaces which have been doing well at tomato here in new orleans, but i have yet to put up in the shop. i am going to be adding some vintage lucite to the shop as well.

i will post new pics soon, i promise!

no new woven work to speak of at the moment. all my work has either been donated, given away, or consigned. i need to make something new at some point.

i am applying to a show for prospect 1 which is coming to new orleans in november. wish me luck. i have never applied to a juried show before and i am really nervous. my pics are ok, but they are not the best. my friend, natalie recommended me for the show, so we will see what happens.

in personal news, laura talked me into joining facebook and i have been "found" by several old college/work mates who i have not talked to in about 20 years. so, hello to lisa, michelle, and victoria.

i may have some other news to report this weekend, but i will wait until i am certain that what i think is going to happen, happens.

until then...

Friday, September 12, 2008

press por moi

my marveen bracelet was featured in the shopping section of the paper today - WISH - i haven't actually seen the piece, but i know it's in the editor's picks and in the table of contents. i would include a link so you all could see it too, but alas, as is the case with most things in new orleans these days, the link is not working. if they get it up and running, i will include it in a later post.

i also found out that my city blocks cuff is being featured as the photo for high gloss ( keep your fingers crossed for houston) in the guide SCHMAPP. i have included a little widget on the side of the blog that you can take a look at. it's not a very good picture, in my opinion, but i guess someone liked it.

so, today has been a good jewelry day for me. just wanted to share.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


i joined a gym.
what the @!#$*%$ was i thinking?

well, i will tell you...

when joseph and i were in california, i huffed and puffed all up and down the hills in san francisco. i can't even convey to you how out of breath i was. and i thought i was still in pretty good shape. not even close.

i have absolutely no energy whatsoever. most days i feel like a new born kitten when i wake up and i burrow under the covers not coming out until the last minute. then i stay angry most of the day.

i am angry and i feel depressed and just plain mean most of the time. i am envious of other's success and i want to lash out at pretty much everyone i come in contact with.

i don't care about anything. at all. and i take all the wonderful things in my life for granted because i feel like i can't have the one thing i have always wanted - my own, successful business.

i know that i have to work some of this out on my own - especially the materialistic mood i have been in. i haven't really been a materialistic person since i graduated from high school. sure, when i was a teenager i dreamed of having money and was sure i would, once i got away from home ( country fried, i tell you) and out into the real world where my artistic talent would be swooned over by the masses and i would be this massively rich designer.


i have to accept that my career has not turned out the way i wanted, AND that it is going to take much much longer than i planned for this jewelry business to get off the ground. and i have to keep working at it.

in order to keep up my strength and my motivation and to keep WANTING to work on this business, i am going to have to gain more energy.

i am going to have to start working out.

what's that line from LEGALLY BLONDE ? ...
"exercise produces endorphins. endorphins make people happy. happy people don't shoot their husbands. they just don't"

i want to be a happy person, and i know that when i exercise on a regular basis, i AM happy. every time in my life when i have felt the way i do now, i wasn't getting any exercise. and i felt terrible about myself and i wanted to cry all the time.

so, i have made one positive change in my life.

here's hoping it will help me have the energy and the creative confidence to make many more....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

home sweet home

well, we are home. whew.
the drive in from birmingham was uneventful - unless you count the bathroom stall at stuckey's in hattiesburg which was too small for a child to fit into, much less moi.

the better half's parental units kept us safe, sound, watered, and fed for a week in the quiet suburbs of birmingham. it was nice, safe, clean, and quiet. i slept a lot. and got my first pedicure.

home, however is turning out to be a bit of a headache. we discovered we have minor water damage in the bedroom, the front glass window in the door is rattling like an old man with a cough, and this morning, as i am trying to wash our bed linens, the washer conks out on me.

i am not a happy camper.

have i mentioned how much i hate the laundry mat?

guess most of the day tomorrow or monday will be spent there. better find a good book to read.

i also just re-listed most of my work in my esty shop.

i had planned to re - shoot most of my pieces and have many many more made by now, but as luck would have it... well, you know how it goes.
i got a few gemstone lariats made while on evac, but i haven't had the chance to photograph them yet.

i am running way way way behind. but, at least i am trying... and starting somewhere.

but, we are home, and that's what counts.

now we get to wait and see what ike does.

fun is...