Monday, August 25, 2008

trip of a lifetime - part 3

the second half of the trip....

the russian river valley, napa valley, and then back to san francisco. i got to go the frida kahlo exhibit while there, but i couldn't take any pics.

russian river


pacific coast hike self portrait

that's one big ass gnome!

russian river valley. or should we say TWIN PEAKS?!

the LOCALS tasting room. i forget where

sculture at CLOS PEGAS winery

napa valley

joseph at STAG'S LEAP vineyards. the best wine we had the whole trip, in my opinion. we weren't spitting that out. it took us an hour of walking around the grounds to sober up enough to leave. the CASK 23 cabernet was $175 a bottle and worth every penny. but we still counldn't afford to bring one home. maybe for our anniversary...

building next to the oakville store

frog pond at FROG'S LEAP vineyards.

one ring to bind them all... the guys at FROG'S LEAP have a great sense of humor. this is an arbour for thier kiwi bushes.

chateau montelana - the basis for the book THE JUDGEMENT OF PARIS and the movie BOTTLE SHOCK.
pretty good wine. but we had no more room, so we didn't buy any.

the french laundry in yountville. we couldn't afford to eat there, so we took this picture instead. we ate at bistro jeanty - see pic below...

the tomato soup at bistro jeanty in yountville. yum! it's a puff paistry on top of the soup.

the haight. totally gross. much like bourbon street, only i couldn't walk around with my liquor. we both really regretted going. but it had to be done.

on the return trip to san francisco - me on the ferry over to sausalito. had the best sushi OF MY LIFE at a place called sushi ran. i highly recommend it. they fly their fish in from the tokoyo market daily. it was also THE MOST EXPENSIVE sushi dinner of my life!

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Lidia said...

Wow! What a trip!!! - thanks for sharing your vacation I loved all the pics - Lidia