Monday, August 25, 2008

the trip of a life time - part two

second half of the trip -- leaving san francisco and going into muir woods and somoma, then into the russian river valley for our " day of pinot"

driving over the golden gate bridge.

blurry redwoods. i was very disappointed in the way these turned out. don't know what happened.

my only non-blurry picture of muir woods. no ansel adams this one!

hiking in muir woods. you probably can't see him, but there is a chipmunk in this picture. little bugger ran right in to my shot!

shug winery in the carneros region. our first stop once we hit sonoma.

beltane ranch where we stayed in sonoma. it's even more beautiful in person!

baked goat's cheese at the fig cafe in glen ellen.

us at benzinger

benzinger - very informative tour. we also got to see some of the first grapes coming in.

winery sign in glen ellen

these vines were over 60 years old. they didn't need to be staked. they looked like little trees.

j vineyards. the best pinot!!

gary farrell. yum!

the best cheese in the world - pleasant ridge reserve - extra aged.

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