Sunday, July 20, 2008

yeah, these are my friends

last night was mr.legs VIII - the fundraiser for the bridge house here in new orleans. bridge house is a alcohol and drug rehab center, and for the last 3 years, my friend, steve has participated in the event. his invitation always states that we should consider a donation to the bridge house a down payment for the day when we will all need their services.

this year steve won best costume - angelina jolie, womb raider.

i had waaaaay too much fun ( can we say open bar?)and am sincerely paying for it this afternoon.

below are some shots from last nights festivities.

enjoy and try not to be too afraid...

the competitors

kim's reaction at seeing angie the first time

how he comes up with this stuff, i will never know...

angie looks lovely, doesn't she?

laura, sarah, shannon, & joseph - a much more subdued lot.

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