Thursday, July 24, 2008

an open letter to my right wrist

dear wrist ( you know which one you are),

first of all, i just wanted to let you know that i appreciate all that you have done for me over the years - most especially keeping my hand firmly attached to my arm.

however, we need to talk about this cyst.

my doctor tells me it is a tendon sheath and is brought on by repetitive movement. we both know he means bead weaving.

yes, i realize i have been hitting the beads pretty hard lately, but i thought you could handle it. in 15 years of beading, you've never done this to me before! why now? after all, we have been together for over 38 years. i thought you understood that i need to make things. WITH MY HANDS.

anyway, i have been told that the cyst is nothing to worry about - that, in fact it will probably go away on it's own if i downsize the beading for a few weeks. that's fine. i do have a vacation coming up.

however, i am not giving up making jewelry. i HAVE to create! you know this. you've been with me from the beginning. so, what i am proposing is this...i will not ask any more of you over the next few weeks than to help me lift the glasses of pinot i am planning on drinking in california to my lips, you get all healed up, and we start weaving again in late august. how does that sound? good. because that's how it's going to be.

i am sorry, but i really do have to lay down the law on this one.

i hope you understand that i really do need for you to step up to the plate, rub some dirt on it, and shake it off for me here, because we both know i am not going to stop beading. i also promise to try to spend less time on the computer. but i have people and groups i like to keep up with . i cannot guarantee that won't spend at least some time on flickr, etsy, indiepublic, and blogger. but, i do promise to limit my activities over the next few weeks.

so, with that being said, i assume we have reached an agreement.

please feel better soon. i do need you, you know.

hugs and kisses,


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SarahKelley said...

Wrist-- It's a deal-- you wouldn't welsh on a deal would you? Not with the gal who feeds you and loves you and keeps you warm?Please get well.