Monday, July 28, 2008


sarah posted her fives on her blog today.

here are mine:

If you don't want to do all 5, pick one or two! I'll go first:)

What are your 5 favorite art works? Have you seen them in person? Do you have plans to?
And I mean art in a very broad sense here.

Gustav Klimt’s Adele Bloch Bauer – I saw it at the Neue Galerie in New York last spring. It was more amazing in person than I could have imagined!
Frida Kahlo’s house/museum – I doubt I will ever get to go, but I would love to.
Egypt – all pyramids and tombs. Especially Luxor. Have never been. Really really want to go!
Van Gogh – saw his works at the Neue Galerie also. Amazing!
Versailles – was supposed to go this summer. Didn’t work out. One day.

What are 5 crafts you couldn't live without? Have you done them? Any good?

Bead weaving/jewelry making. – I think I’m pretty good. Would like to get better.
Calligraphy – I used to be better. I need to practice more.
Book binding – no, but I appreciate and collect other’s work
Movie making – such a movie junkie. Never will do it, but appreciate the craft.
Painting – not very good. Will try it again when I have more space and time.

What are 5 crafts you'd like to learn? Have you ever tried them? Will you?

Book binding – probably not, but i collect other's work.
Metal work – trying. Slowly.
Lamp work beads – when I have more space
Chocolate making – when I have more space and a better kitchen
Enamelling – one day.

What are 5 arts and crafts you've tried that weren't for you?

Oil painting

What are 5 things you aim for with your art/craft?



adina said...

Great fives Amber! :-)

SarahKelley said...

Klimt, bookbinding and chocolate making were the bits that caught my eye.
Klimt's use of color was so inspirational. I've never seen anything of his in person, but I'd love to.
Love hard and leather bound books. That would be fun to learn, as would chocolateering. Love chocolate:)

mycraftyways said...

It was fun to read your Fives !
Klimt always make my heart beat faster...I don't know how to describe it. The colors, the unbelievable textures, the composition, it all swirls around me and I am caught in it...To my greatest delight !

Love your last Fives, about your own art.