Tuesday, June 10, 2008

a much needed break

soothing bougainvillea in the faubourg marigny, new orleans

today i am taking a much needed day off. wheeee!!!!!!!!!!!

i have been very stressed out the last few weeks. i have an inner ear condition that makes me a little loopy during the hot, humid, summer months and i have been giving in to it and letting it control me the last few weeks. i have done very little work on my jewelry and have been laying around alot on my couch.

today i am going to finish the pieces i have started and get them off to their respective galleries. i am so excited about not being at work, i can't even tell you.
just a day for me. work on my art. be in the moment. relax and start the new lifestyle change i am going to try ( lay off the dairy. meditate) to see if this ear thing isn't party dairy and partly stress.

i won't have the camera for a few more days as j. has it for a work project, but as soon as i do, i will post pics of the new pieces - or if i can find my piece of crap nikon. either way, i will be posting this week and putting new energy into my work. no more feeling sorry for myself. well, at least until i have to go back to work tomorrow. hee hee.

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Lidia said...

I can't wait to see your new pieces. Good luck with you lifestyle change - I've started some of my own recently and I can already see the benefits. Lidia