Saturday, June 28, 2008

me on another blog? say it ain't so!

i got an email from betsyonetsy yesterday evening, letting me know that she had featured my mondrian/marveen cuff on her blog. how exciting is that????!!!! i've never been blogged about before, and i have to say i feel like a celebrity! har har!

i was just blown away by all of the pieces betsy came up with that had a mondrian insprired theme - i am going to have to take some time today to check out all the shops she featured.

these wonderful magnets are betsy's:

they are actually vintage earrings. how totally cool is that?! they are very 80's to me, which i also associate with mondrian. i have a feeling that pattern is going to make it into my brain and a bracelet will emerge a month or two from now!

thanks again, betsy for the feature! you made my friday!

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GrandmaMarilyn said...

Your bracelet is beautiful and deserved to be in that blog post. I was really blown away with all the examples that she found to match your bracelet too.