Tuesday, June 3, 2008

just rambling

so, i have been working on a special order from etsy the last few days.
i finished the bracelet and sent it off to the wonderful customer who ordered it.
i now have to finish an order of new necklaces and 2 bracelets for high gloss and some lucite pieces i have been promising ragin' daisy for what seems like years.
to tell you the truth - i just don't want to work on jewelry right now. i may be experiencing a mini-burnout. i have been putting sooooooooo much into it that i really could use a break. i took one last night and fell totally asleep at 7:42pm. aiiiggghhh! i don't do that. ever.
i have been totally giving myself the creeps the last few days. too much time alone as the better half was away on business and LOST has ended for the season. just me and the beads and i found out the hard i way that if given too much quiet time alone, i totally turn on myself. not good.
i want to take a walk tonight and get some good yummy groceries and watch a movie. i may not work at all tonight. we will see.
i have been really stressed out and upset about some stuff and i just really need a night to just be.

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Beka said...

get with it amber!
recharge that energy!
get in a new frame of mind!
i KNOW you can!