Friday, May 9, 2008

another treasury!

good grief, charlie brown! i have been feeling completely useless this week and extremely frustrated with my jewelry and jewelry sales(or lack thereof), and then lo and behold, my alternating blocks cuff shows up in TWO treasuries this week. i am still so blown away i can't think strait( country music fans?)

this one was put together by triz. i have to tell you i have been oogling her shop for quite a while. her wallflower bracelet has me in beady heaven!

and check out the people i am keeping company with here...sand fibers, noeasybead, jessicajane, time2cre8,and i think i am going to have to run over right now and check out which goose. amazing company. again, totally honored to be there!

so, i know i am tooting my own horn, here, but it's been a dork out of a week for me and i am being slowly reminded why i do all of this creative stuff... i have no choice. it is me and i am it. i couldn't stop even if i wanted to. and, believe me, i have tried.

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