Saturday, April 12, 2008

too early to be this mad

GRRRRRR...... it's only 11am and already today stinks!

i opened a letter this morning informing me that the sewerage and water board of new orleans has reported me to a collection agency for the whopping amount of $12.00.
the real stinker of it is... i have all my bills dating back to march 2005 and

#1- all the bills have been paid in full until december 2007 when they sent me a $375.00 bill for all the water i had used since the hurricane but they had not charged me for. this one is being paid down monthly per their instructions.

#2- there is no delinquent fee on any of the bills including the one i just paid last month.

#3- the completely unqualified and uneducated person i spoke to regarding said $300 + bill assured me if i simply paid $20 or so over the amount due each month (tacked on to already ludicrous balance) that my water would not be turned off. i take the bill every month now and double the amount that is due that month, successfully paying that month's bill and whittling down the balance.


omg i am so mad right now i can barely breathe!!!

now, i have to pay the collection agency and the balance on the bill just to keep from wasting my only day off this week chasing my arse down at the sewerage and water board.

ok, i feel a little better to get that out... but.... oh, why oh why are we, as new orleanians putting up with this horse hockey? i will tell you why... because we don't have time, between all the other daily crap we are putting up with to deal with the incompetence of the city government. it's easier to just pay it and let it go.

and that's what i have to do if i want to finish the pieces i have been working on and post them to my ETSY store on monday. i have to let this go. but, i tell you, it's killing me to do so.

can you sue the sewerage and water board? can you sue the person who reported the unfounded and unprovable charge for defamation of character? if you can, would someone let me know.

in the meantime... i have made some new bead buddies on flickr.
check out the links below for some seriously cool work..

lidia's pinwheels
and stars
gina's butterfly
carol's triangles

look for the new work i keep promising to be posted to ETSY on monday:
pop circle necklaces
pop square necklaces
more vintage and gemstone pieces

i am going to knick my good friend ande's saying and tell everyone to have a shiny day!

i sure need one.

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