Tuesday, April 1, 2008

the tao of begonia

this is a pic of the begonias i have in my little container garden in the back yard.
i found out the hard way that you CANNOT kill a begonia. believe me. i have tried.
the stray cats that dig in the back yard tried to destroy them in august.
i forgot to water them for most of the fall and winter.
we had a really cold night in january that i thought for sure would do them in.
now, here we are in april, and look at them. they are over a foot tall. amazing.
this pic is for my good friend, penelope.
see, that which does not kill us makes us stronger.
love ya, hon!!!! hang in there!!!
and super duper congrats on the job!!!!
yay penelope!!!!!

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Penelope said...

WOW I will never miss an update to your blog again! That was a really wonderful awestruck moment when I saw this picture is for me! I was eating a piece of buttered toast (whole wheat with promise spread to be healthy) and had to toss it aside and shake my head in disbelief, totally sweet boohoo moment! What a wonderful, wonderful little gift! What doesn't kill us makes us stronger most definitely, and we are only given as much as we can handle. So yes we can handle it somehow. For sure. Thank goodness for
Americus Ga where I met your sweet self. Thank goodness for Anthropology class where we bonded. :) BIG SMILE!