Monday, April 21, 2008

memory lane

postcard of oil painting by teresa moore

a few weeks ago, my friend, mike came by the house to borrow some pictures of he and his wife kim who was celebrating her 40th birthday that weekend. they lost everything they own in the storm, and as one of his gifts to her, mike was gathering up all the photos we all have of them and making her an album.

while looking for pics of mike and kim, i found a huge stack of pictures i had taken of my now defunct art gallery on magazine street. to make a long story short - i was 27 years old, full of chutzpah, and had a little cash in the bank. i opened an art gallery the spring after i moved to new orleans. i didn't have enough cash to keep it open, and very regrettably closed the following year. i am now 38 years old, have no chutzpah whatsoever, and will probably never have cash in the bank ever again. and lately, i am finding myself longing for my "youth" when i was a bit more carefree and more apt to take chances.

so, looking through all of those photos was quite a little thrill! and it reminded me of the person i used to be - the person i can still be. i just have to let go of some of the doubt and fear i have been feeling the last few months. i mean, come on!!! it's not like i'm old or anything. but, man, i used to be fearless. who opens up an art gallery on the fly? i did. please note that this is the same woman who was afraid to put her best selling bracelets on etsy for fear they were too expensive. i rest my case.

anyway.... one of the artists i had the honor and privilege of representing was teresa moore. teresa is a painter living in the san francisco area. she paints these beautiful femme fatales with, if memory serves, oil pastels and she does most,if not all of the work with her hands. no brushes. the paintings have a very ethereal feeling to them and are some of the most imaginative and beautiful art i have ever seen. somehow, i have managed to stay on her mailing list and i just love getting her show announcements. she always has something cool going on and it reminds me that following your dream and being successful at it is doable.

i have hung onto this postcard of hers for over 10 years and finally affixed it in one of my journals last year. i completely regret not buying one of her paintings when i had the gallery, and i check her website often to keep up on her latest work and eyeball pieces i might be able to own one day.

and of course, daydream a bit about being able to do what i love full time. one day. soon.

no fear.

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