Sunday, April 27, 2008

fighting resistance

everything i suspected i have been doing to myself over the years i have been!

it's funny, i didn't have a name for it - the resistance- but i was aware of it - not only from within me, but from without-from others.
even before i was given this book by my good friend, kim, i was battling the urge to give up on making jewelry again. i've been winning each battle, but it's a long war.
i'm not much of a self help book gal, but i like this book.
i highly recommend it if you are feeling that creative slump.
it has really helped me with all the doubt and fear i have been feeling since opening the etsy shop.
the daily battle to keep going, even when your work is not selling as you'd like it to, is one of the hardest things i have ever done.
i want to give up.
but i can't.
and i won't.
i must persevere.
the artist in me depends on it.
i'm also a stubborn old broad when i want something.

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