Saturday, March 1, 2008

all work and no...

i have been playing catch up for over a week now from having the flu and then basically feeling like ass for another week.
the house is a wreck, the clothes don't want to wash themselves, and if i would stop watching freaks & geeks, i might acutally get more work done than i am.


i am working on a new batch of bracelets for high gloss. nina from tomato made a special order in addition to meeting with me regarding which designs will work best for her and for spring. my friend, pat just moved back to town and re-opened her fab-u-lous, fantastic, famous store - the ragin' daisy- in rouge beauty's old spot in the quarter. yay! she wants me to bring some jeweled goodies by next week as well. i have alot to do... but so little time.

the fired up! clay conference is in town this weekend and my peeps and i are going to check out some of the installations in the arts district tonight. then it is off to clancy's for some of garth's yummy cocktails and hopefully i will behave enough to get up early and make jewerly before going to marda's salon tomorrow afternoon.

i just found the most amazing jewelry site!! i wish my spanish was better. but at least i can look at the pretty pictures.

through 18k i found julie lake. her blog is wonderful and her work is amazing. i really like what she has to say about not being able to focus. i think i am the only person who feels that way, alot of the time. but, evidently i am not. and i don't feel so bad about messing up my work space now..

but, anyway... i will have some new pics of my own work up by the end of next week.

until then- have a happy weekend!


masaoms said...

Thanks for posting my site in your blog!!
Best regards,

Amber Leilani said...

thanks, marta!
i love the site and find much inspiration there.