Monday, October 29, 2007

More to Life Than Jewelry... Who'd a Thunk It?

I have not been very motivated the last few weeks to do much of anything. I think I have been mildly depressed - my work situation is getting more and more frustrating by the day. I hate punching someone elses time clock and not having any energy to do my own thing when I get home. I have spent the better part of this month sitting listlessly in front of the boob-tube, reading, and going to the movies. I am just not motivated by much of anything. I promised myself when I started this little blog that I would stick to jewelry and fashion but I JUST CAN'T DO IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!! The few things that are inspiring me at the moment have nothing to do with either; so I figured - Why the Hell Not! Inspiration is inspiration, right? You get it where you can.


I just discovered Philip Pullman's HIS DARK MATERIALS series and I am almost finished with Book 2 - THE SUBTLE KNIFE. I am almost scared to finish it at this point, but I need to so I can move on to either the third book or something new altogether.

I have also recently discovered Neil Gaiman. His blog is absolutely awesome!!! So many cool links. It's like a new world opened up in front of my eyes! I have GOOD OMENS at the house but am waiting until I finish Philip Pullman' book to start it. I have a terrible habit of reading more than 8 books at any given time and sometimes I don't finish them. So, no offense but I figure both of these works deserve my undivided attention.

I have to go to Atlanta this week to do a show for work. GRRRRRRRRR..... I soooooooooooooooo DO NOT want to go. These people don't pay me enough to travel. Especially to Atlanta. I don't live in or visit Atlanta for a reason. No sane person should have to drive there.

Anyway... it's going to be a weird week and I am positive I will have alot to say after I get back from this show. Luckily for me two of the other artists showing are Lena Marie Echelle and Jamie Cassavoy. I am hoping I get to talk to both of them. I met Lena at the Baltimore show last year and we carry her work at the shop. She is an amazing and very inspirational artist. I have only seen Jamie Cassavoy's work in pictures so I am excited to see it in person.

But I still don't want to go to Atlanta. Hmmfff.

Long Time Gone

Well, it's been a few weeks since I finished these, and I realize these are not the best pics( they are bad, I know), but I wanted to show the pieces I did for High Gloss. Kim and Lisa have told me the bracelets are getting a good response. Now let's hope some sell.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thank God for Sushi!!

Well, it's been a heckuva week,friends.

I put my man on a plane for Germany last Friday, only to have him come home due to his flight being cancelled and had to turn around and put him back on another flight on Saturday. I don't like it when he travels and it was muchas stressful.

Then, Saturday night was Art for Art's Sake in grand old New Orleans. The Shop had a big show opening and it was a long long long day. On the upside - I actually sold a necklace I made for myself to wear that evening right off my neck!! I LOVE IT when that happens. That's when you know you've done good.

Today I mailed off the six bracelets for High Gloss (be free and find new homes, my lovelies). They turned out a big longer in length than we had discussed, but I think ( hope ) they will be fine.

I will post some pics of these beauties over the next few days. Honestly, I was in a total hurry to take pictures and I don't think they turned out that great. But, it won't stop me, I am sure.

Tonight I am having sushi with my friend, Laura and am going to watch either a movie or read some of the book I bought on Sunday. Truly, I just want to relax until I have to get back on the jewelry train this weekend. Crunchy roll, here I come!