Saturday, November 10, 2007

Slices of Life

It's a beautiful Saturday in the Big Sleazy.

It's November and the high today is supposed to be near 80 degrees. Hallelujah!!! I know global warming is bad, but today it feels so good! This, people, is why I live in the South. My goal - never to move above the Mason-Dixon Line.

Went out last night with the Better Half and our friend, Laura. Had a great Grenache at the Delachaise. My only complaint is that since they serve food, they should be a smoke free environment. They aren't. I had to wash my hair this morning and I hate doing that on Saturday. We had a nice night though. Smoke and all.

Tonight we are planning to hop aboard the St. Charles Ave. Streetcar as today is the first day it has run since The Storm. It's only going to Napoleon, but that's where we live, so it works out well for us. Trying to get a group together and do a little Streetcar Club Crawl. It's been a while since we have been to the Circle Bar, and I can't think of a better way to get there. Of course, I imagine we will have to endure the other thousand people who also came up with this idea. Yeah, I doubt we are original on this one. But, I will try to curve my loathing of crowds and embrace my love of vodka and see where the line takes us.

On the jewelry front there isn't much to tell. Well, that's not true - there actually is but I am not going to talk about it just yet. Some prospective good news regarding my bracelets ( and I met someone from the Museum of Arts and Design in New York who said I could drop her name to the buyer at the museum shop) and unfortunately some bad news. Without going into detail, I will tell you that Fairy is no longer carrying my work. It was a blow, but I got over it. Trying to grow some tougher business skin.

I have a lot to do today and am counting the hours till I can get on the street car. Yay!!!!

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penelope said...

please put more pics of the family jewels, er i mean jewelry on here so i can know what i'm advertising for you in the dfw market..rib rib i keep passing out your blog and hawking your wares. i'm workin' it for you my dear.